BGA National and Club Ladder Claim  Printed 20 August 2018

To: Mark Fisher (Club Ladder Steward)
  Black Mountains GC  
  This is a Cross-Country Claim generated from the BGA National Ladder Website, qualifying for the following Ladder(s)
   National Open Ladder
   National Weekend Ladder
  Season 2016
  Pilot John Clark
  Launch Point Black Mountains (Talgarth)
  Date of Flight 06 August 2016
  Glider NIMBUS 2C
  Registration G-CHBF
  Turbo/Motor No
  Handicap 106.0
  Flight Evidence Logger
  Competition Flight No
  Expedition Flight No
  Logger File 686G3GD1.IGC
  Format CLASSIC
  Declared No
  Task Distance 125.4 km
  Sector Type FAI Sector
  Task Type 23.2%/42.6% Triangle   Declared (Club Task)/Completed
  Shape Factor 1.000
  Task Time 2h 20m 0s
  Height Loss 1000 m
  Height Loss Penalty
  Scoring Distance 125.4 km
  Scoring Speed 53.7 kph
  Handicapped Distance 118.3 km
  Handicapped Speed 50.7 kph
  Distance Points 591
  Speed Points 4
  Bonus Points 60
  Total Points 655     
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Submitted Online: 20:57 06 August 2016