Season 2018
Pilot Martin Pingel
Club Black Mountains GC
Launch Point Black Mountains (Talgarth)
Date of Flight 10 May 2018
Glider MINI NIMBUS Reg: EBF (Handicap 98.0) 
Logger File [2018-05-10-XCM-5FV-01(2).igc]
Google Earth [2018-05-10-XCM-5FV-01(2).kml]
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

Declared No
Logger Declaration UNDECLARED TASK
Task Distance 166.8 km
Sector Type FAI Sector
Task Type Out and Return   Undeclared/Completed
Shape Factor 1.000
Task Time 2h 52m 0s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 166.8 km
Scoring Speed 58.2 kph
Handicapped Distance 170.2 km
Handicapped Speed 59.4 kph
Distance Points 638
Speed Points 60
Bonus Points 70
Total Points 768   
Height Gain 6,179 ft
Maximum Height 8,179 ft
Points 118  
Times viewed: 90 Submitted: 09:20 11 May 2018

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Very slow and difficult first part of first leg in the strong crosswinds but then I contacted wave just SE of Welshpool topping out at over 8k ft, rounding the turnpoint and using the wave all the way back to Knighton where it disappeared (or more likely I just lost it). I abandoned original task as the weather started to close in from the west eventually landing as it started to rain. Very interesting flight despite not having achieved what I'd originally set out to do.

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