Season 2018
Pilot Chris Short
Club Black Mountains GC
Launch Point Black Mountains (Talgarth)
Date of Flight 03 June 2018
Glider DISCUS W Reg: G-CFNR (Handicap 98.5) 
Logger File [2018-06-03-XCM-58S-01.igc]
Google Earth [2018-06-03-XCM-58S-01.kml]
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

Task  *TP3 51 57.450N 3 13.900W
*TP4 52 1.050N 3 14.070W
*TP5 51 54.400N 3 18.480W
*TP3 51 57.450N 3 13.900W
Declared No
Logger Declaration UNDECLARED TASK
Task Distance 72.3 km
Sector Type FAI Sector
Task Type Non-convex Polygon   Undeclared/Completed
Shape Factor 0.944
Task Time 2h 17m 0s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 72.3 km
Scoring Speed 31.7 kph
Handicapped Distance 73.4 km
Handicapped Speed 32.2 kph
Distance Points 260
Speed Points 0
Bonus Points 26
Total Points 286   
Times viewed: 103 Submitted: 17:02 05 June 2018

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Messing about - within glide of home most of time. Nice stress-less flying but also a bit pointless. Enjoyed myself though and good to be back in the air after three weeks of nothing. NOTE: I only put this up here so I can be above Dave Hope in the BMGC ladder for a short while!

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