Season 2018
Pilot Tony Crowden
Club Black Mountains GC
Launch Point Black Mountains (Talgarth)
Date of Flight 10 September 2018
Glider LS6C (18.0) Reg: G-CHBC (Handicap 107.0) 
Logger File [T180910.igc]
Google Earth [T180910.kml]
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

Height Gain 5,907 ft
Maximum Height 7,477 ft
Points 91  
Times viewed: 75 Submitted: 10:20 11 September 2018

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After an initial hot spot the wave system started to decay and all the cloud slots continually closed in underneath me which made for an "interesting" flight as for a lot of the time I was skimming just above the cloud tops. It only gave me 91 points on the ladder but it was one of my more enjoyable wave flights.

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