Season 2018
Pilot Russell Cheetham
Club The Gliding Centre
Launch Point The Gliding Centre (Husbands Bosworth)
Date of Flight 21 June 2018
Glider JS3 (18.0) Reg: D-KADJ (Handicap 111.5) Turbo/Motor
Logger File [86LV6M41.igc]
Google Earth [86LV6M41.kml]
Competition Flight No
Expedition Flight No
No Score No

*D 51 59.317N 1 1.267E
*C 51 58.600N 1 4.933E
Declared Yes
Logger Declaration DECLARATION VALID
Task Distance 1003.1 km
Sector Type 0.5km Barrel
Task Type Non-convex Polygon   Declared/Completed
Shape Factor 0.910
Task Time 9h 24m 0s
Height Loss 1000 m
Height Loss Penalty
Scoring Distance 1003.1 km
Scoring Speed 106.7 kph
Handicapped Distance 899.6 km
Handicapped Speed 95.7 kph
Distance Points 4094
Speed Points 1871
Bonus Points 597
Total Points 6562   
Times viewed: 1390 Submitted: 01:07 22 June 2018

Pilot Comment Add a Comment
Big thank you to Richard Browne for tempting me in to declaring the task - the flying turned out to be the easy bit with lots of day left at the finish
Matthew Cook 22-Jun-18 10:21:28 Delete this comment
great flight - good speed. Nice work Russ.
Also like the Start / finish at the club - like a proper task should be flown

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